Recommended Opera Websites/Blogs

Opera America: - a broad ranging opera site covering all of the U.S. "dedicated to the creation, presentation, and enjoyment of opera."  There is much useful information for the opera newbie on their Notes page and the Opera Essentials tab on that page.

Parterre Box by La Cieca: - colorful, boffo opera site, chock full of interesting articles, reviews, photos, and imagery for the opera lover. Current and hip.  Devoted mainly to the New York City opera scene.

Slipped Disc: – a serious, but fun website devoted to classical music, including opera, and “related cultures” worldwide.  It is mainly for music insiders, but can be fun on the outside looking in.  Often opinionated, sarcastic, and irreverent.  It is amazing in the number of articles it offers every day.  A really good news source for business and human interest stories about music and musicians.  Claims to be the world’s most-read cultural website.  I have it pushed to my email; I find the email to be a little easier to quick scan than the actual website. 

Operavore:!/blogs/operavore/ - this is New York WQXR’s opera blog with news and reviews; it also features a link on the right hand side to stream Operavore live, “WQXR's digital 24/7 audio stream, blog and weekly radio show devoted to Opera.”  You can listen to music while you read the blog.

Opera Critic: - commentary, feature articles, reviews, a monthly calendar, and more; a high content site with an international perspective.  However, this is a pay site, about $40/yr as of Feb 2015; it offers a free seven-day trial.  I am tempted but haven’t sprung for a subscription just yet.

Operation Opera: - Dr. Glenn Winters, Community Musical Outreach Director for Virginia Opera, authors this site. He is trained in music and is a former performer.  This site is especially good for posts relating to the Virginia Opera productions.


Other Opera Websites/Blogs Worth A Look

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