Reader comments encouraged

One purpose of OperaGene is to create a community of opera lovers.  Comments can enrich the experience for other readers and provide insight on improving the blog.  My feeling is, therefore, that comments to the blog posts and opportunities to submit suggestions are imperatives.  This is, however, daunting for two reasons: first, it potentially will be a good bit of work for me.  Second, a comments section is open to misuse and abuse.  Thus, I will screen submitted comments before posting them.  Disagreements and criticisms are welcome, but I will not post comments I consider inappropriate, primarily ones that are patently offensive, mean-spirited, or are spam.  My default position will be to post the comments.

I seek and encourage reader comments that provide opinions, information, and insight about opera.  There is much to share and learn about opera in general and about opera specifically in the mid-Atlantic region.  I also encourage comments that ask thought-provoking or information-seeking questions that other readers may respond to. Comments that simply offer praise without content such as good job or thank you, if there are any, will be appreciated but not posted.  In making comments, imagine you are having a conversation with friends who share your love of opera.  You are.